Camping Trailer for our jeeps.. a work in progress, follow along :-)

Ok, so by now you all know we sell roof top tents 🙂 and since we like to camp off the grid i.e. not in regular campgrounds, we have decided to have our own trailer made. So we are designing this from scratch to accommodate all our needs without paying an arm and a leg for a pre-built one.

Our ideas are to have a roof top tent on the top of it that is going to be extended upwards so we can use the annex room too. We are making it approx 4X6 in size. We will also have a awning attached to the side for additional shade, and because it looks cool 🙂

We will have two gas cans, a tool box and the spare tire on the front of the trailer.


The back will open up like a table top and the “lid” will open up on a hinging mechanism at approx 45 degree angle. the hinge being on the front end of the trailer. We will be able to store all our camping gear inside of the trailer.

We have bought three jeep tires to match the size of our jeeps so it all looks uniform and can of course rough it without falling apart 🙂

Building is starting this week, tires are here, still figuring out the axle, might buy one or have one built.

So.. this is all exciting and we cannot wait to start seeing some progress, will keep this updated and will add photos as we go along…