Camping Trailer for our jeeps.. a work in progress, follow along :-)

Ok, so by now you all know we sell roof top tents 🙂 and since we like to camp off the grid i.e. not in regular campgrounds, we have decided to have our own trailer made. So we are designing this from scratch to accommodate all our needs without paying an arm and a leg for a pre-built one.

Our ideas are to have a roof top tent on the top of it that is going to be extended upwards so we can use the annex room too. We are making it approx 4X6 in size. We will also have a awning attached to the side for additional shade, and because it looks cool 🙂

We will have two gas cans, a tool box and the spare tire on the front of the trailer.


The back will open up like a table top and the “lid” will open up on a hinging mechanism at approx 45 degree angle. the hinge being on the front end of the trailer. We will be able to store all our camping gear inside of the trailer.

We have bought three jeep tires to match the size of our jeeps so it all looks uniform and can of course rough it without falling apart 🙂

Building is starting this week, tires are here, still figuring out the axle, might buy one or have one built.

So.. this is all exciting and we cannot wait to start seeing some progress, will keep this updated and will add photos as we go along…













Traveller Stove

Testing out the Traveller Stove was fun, we were so delighted they finally arrived in Nova Scotia. We unpacked the stove with great gusto 🙂
First of all we did the paint curing as instructed which didn’t take too long. the next day we lit it up for “real”
It really burns well, we made a stew on it and the results were amazing, probably just my excellent chef skills , kidding aside though, it gives off a lot of heat, ideal for cooking any meal on and would be perfect for a yurt or a shed.
We are looking forward to trying it in our Varanger Camp soon.

It is lot heavier than the frontier stove, therefore portability is reduced. That said it is a fantastic stove and can definitely be hauled around in a vehicle if so desired.

There is also an Aluminium box you can order for it, although expensive it is really made well and looks super sharp. This stove has surprised us, it not only looks really awesome but it produces good heat too.

We have only tested it with wood so far, but it uses minimal amount to reach adequate cooking temps. It is really a lovely looking stove and cooks fantastically well!!
ImageImageImage       ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Camping Chairs, Cots and Tables

Joey Chairs

We have spent a lot of time outdoors as many of you have, I have always battled to find a decent table and chairs that are made well and don’t fall apart at the seams!

We are so happy to have found the joey chair, the sleeprite cots and the grand canyon table. All three items can hold a decent amount of weight and we have as yet to have any issues with any of these items

The cots are ideal for our tipi tents, low to the ground and easy to transport, the Grand Canyon table fits well in the annex room of our roof top tents as well as in the tipis, these are perfect tables with adjustable legs.

Check them out I think you will enjoy them as much as we do, now that the weather is starting to let up it is time to pack up and go explore with all your camping gear. Have fun in the sun:-)

The Joey comes in a small, lightweight package. The Joey features a lightweight aluminum frame, shock cord system to avoid lost parts, a compact size, the highest seat height of any competitor, and durability developed from 30 years of camp chair manufacturing.

Weighs under 2LBS, weight capacity 300LBSjoey_chair_-_fob_red_7789r.jpeg



Gran Canyon Table

More stable, more table height options, easier to level and by far best setup of our tables

Aluminum table top

Friction lock telescoping legs

Room to accommodate most camp chairs

Holds up to 225 -Pounds

Aluminum throughout

Compression lock telescoping legs for uneven ground

Easy set up and take down

Dimensions (Closed) 5” x 9” x 36”

Dimensions (Open) 35.5” x 27.5” x 18”-28”

Seat height 18” – 28”

Weight 10.5000 Capacity 75 lbs (with legs extend) – 225 lbs. (at lowest height)






SleepRite Cots

Tired of putting up with bumpy ground, rocks in your back and a stiff neck? Want no more. Meet the SleepRite Cot. Don’t let the finished pack size fool you. The SleepRite cot sets up quick and is comfortable.

Under 5 lbs, small enough to fit into your backpack, this camping cot has 20 fewer parts than lesser luxury cots. Set up is intuitive and simple. When it’s time to hit the sack, this ultra light bed is wider, taller and longer that most other camping cots. Cross supports are ergonomically positioned to keep you comfortable and off the ground while supporting your body in all the right spots.

• Who would use the SleepRite Cot: motorcycle touring, pilots, family camping,
• Where they would use the SleepRite Cot: car camping, fly-ins, extra bed in the house for guests
• Why they would use the SleepRite Cot: light, comfortable, easy set up, compact in size, less storage space


Stats: Open – 78”x 30”x 6”

Closed – 18”x 7.5”x 5.5”

Cot height – 6”

Weight – 4.95

Weight capacity – 300

Composition Materials: anodized aluminum frame 600D polyester no PVC high strength plastic ergonomically designed small package size Stand out features: compact light weight drawn aluminum fast setup no parts to loose 300 lb weight limit