Karesuando Handmade Knives

You are in for a treat now, we just received our first batch of these beautifully made Karesuando knives. They are made in Sweden 235Km North of the Arctic circle. These products can be found in the harsh Arctic climate. The Raw materials are taken from the surrounding nature.Leather, horns and bones of reindeer, and birch wood are the most common components.

These knives are handcrafted products which are adapted to the harsh Arctic climate, with the crackling northern lights and shining midnight sun. They make genuine products shaped by nature’s raw materials and ancient crafting traditions.

These knives are not only beautiful but sit very well in the hand, very comfortable. The sheaths are very well made with plastic inserts.  So drop on by our website and see which knife will best suit your next outdoor adventure. I personally chose the Damascus Steel curly rose blade on the left with the Hunter 10  handle of oiled curly birch and reindeer antler. If you are prepared to wait a few weeks these knives can be made to specific order. Or you can chose from the selection on our website www.wildcoasttents.com