Time spent well ….

Having a weekend away refreshes the soul.

We decided to head out Friday even though there were weather reports of doom and gloom, rain and thunderstorms… arriving at our site weather still gloomy we set up both the roof top tents in a breeze.. we had many curious fellow campers popping in and watching us set up both the tents, all amazed at the idea of a roof top tent and at the ease of setting up. Before long our beds were made …soget yourself a roof top tent if you like things to be set up fast and easily and are social as it sure does draws a crowd 🙂

ImageNext we set up the frontier stove under a tarp. A hole was made in the tarp and tent flashing kit installed,  the chimney was then inserted through it. We lit it up and before long the fire was roaring and the smoke billowing out the chimney away from us, what a pleasure not having the smoke in your face while cooking



Once the fire died down and there were a bunch of hot coals we popped in the potato’s and before long those were cooked to perfection.


The EcoZoom stoves provided us with a brilliant breakfast each morning. We decided to light them both up and even tried toast on the Dura. As always the eggs and bacon were done in a jiffy and we were feeling most spoilt with our fabulous setting.


The weather was holding out for us and sleeping on a mattress above the ground was fabulous, note to myself to bring along better pillows next time, nothing worse than a flat pillow 🙂

Sat was a fabulous day sunny and warm. we went for a nice walk exploring the park and spending time on a sandy beach by the lake. How nice to be blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a comfortable bed on top of our truck..  life is sweet.. thank you girls and Nick for spending the weekend with us, next time we are going to haul you into the bush for some serious camping 🙂

Have a great week all you happy campers!