EcoZoom rocket Stove back in the woods!

EcoZoom Boiling Water
EcoZoom Boiling Water
EcoZoom in the woods

It is difficult not to love the EcoZoom Rockets stoves whether it be the Dura or the Versa. We have spent many hours cooking on theses stoves. This last weekend we took it into the woods to fire it up and see how it would work on a windy day. We collected a few twigs and a bitch of birch wood and used a firesteel to start it. It could not have been easier. Before we knew it the fire was roaring and we added a couple of bigger sticks we found lying on the ground and our little rocket stove was ready to do its thing..

I figured a cuppa tea was first order of business as who can resist a cuppa hot tea with a view overlooking the water, birds whistling in the trees eagles flying over our heads, couldn’t be a more perfect setting to have a cuppa hot tea 
The water boiled so quickly and in no time we were enjoying our tea. I quickly popped on the bacon and it was soon sizzling, I had to pull back the sticks a little to reduce the heat so it wouldn’t cook so fast. I still needed to finish my tea!

The wind was blowing but the little EcoZoom kept on going, we were not even using the metal skirt for it. Soon I popped on the eggs and in a blink they were done, breaky was made, the view gorgeous, my EcoZoom is sure to always be a loyal companion.